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In his latest release 'Pree Like Dem' recording artiste Swashii recalls the moments in which his daughter and her cousin were both wounded by gunmen earlier this year.

The Dancehall / Reggae fusion artiste released the track in conjunction with Jermaine Frazer of Bee Gee's Entertainment in September. 

 Sharing that the single is an ode to his daughter's strength, Swashii explains that not retaliating to the incident is a testament of his strength as described in the track. 

"Pree Like Dem is a single that tells the youths that crime isn't the way out. As shown in the video I chose music instead of the gun because if mi pree like dem di country nah guh be a betta place. In life some people  exist just to create problems and if yuh pree like dem you a guh end up pon a path of destruction like dem. When the incident occured I used music to cope and this single is a result of the pain I still have inside even though my daughter is recovering well. The journey has been rough but I I am thankful for everyone who continues to support me on every level " 

In light of the momentum the single has been building,  Swashii opted to shoot the official video for the track which made its way to Vevo on October  1st. 

Already garnering thousands of views, Swashii shares that the single's relatability accounts for its success  thus far

"Many youths go through the struggle of choosing to walk a path of peace or a path of crime and when they hear this song  it gives them hope. The song speaks to a lot of people and those who have never been in the situation can tell through my music what the experience is like" Said Swashii.

While he continues to excite his fans, the artiste shares that he is currently putting the final touches on his Reggae EP.

"There are many projects that my team and I are working on including the release of my Reggae EP and the launch of my label, Waspnest Entertainment. My EP has singles that appeal to every music lover and as such I am positive the fans will appreciate the body of work that is to come" He concluded.

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