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Reggae-Dancehall star FRASSMAN BRILLIANT hits big with "Brain Food" video

It's no secret that Reggae and marijuana go hand in hand. Reggae music produces some of the most historical marijuana songs ever made. "Brain Food" the newest reggae tune released by Frassman Brilliant on Zj Dymond Fullchaarge Record's Tropical Feeling Riddim, has caught the attention of the world by celebrating marijuana.The track delivers undeniable lyrics, promoting use of the plant describing marijuana feeding the brain.  

Frassman's lyrics "I and I blaze, I and I smoke, High grade in mi medical report, Nah stop smoke, Mi done take oath, Build up the herbs, My life support, I plant the seed, Watch herbs grow, Up in the hills, Chalice mi blow" gifts us vision into Jamaica's indigenous way of life, inextricably linked to the cultural identity of roots reggae.
Want to keep the volume low so everyone can reason? The beat is airy, it's perfect. Want to get people moving? Just turn the volume up a few notches, they'll get it. Whether you're at home or driving, relaxing or moving to the hustle of your day this song is sure to bring that vibe you need to escape.

Watch the "Brain Food" video on YouTube:

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