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For every test, there’s an answer ... For every song, there’s a melody... - Olaide Banks

On the heels of his poignant and powerful "House On Fire" single, musician and songwriter Olaide Banks delivers yet another meaningful tune to the soundtracks of our lives, with musical foresight on his new song "Wisdom Awaits". Composed by Olaide himself and featuring Ty Covington with background vocals from Nikki Burt Bolt, the track was produced by famed accomplished musician, songwriter, arranger, and producer Benjy Myaz.

"When I wrote the song I knew immediately that I wanted to work with Benjy Myaz to get a particular sound and vibe and he delivered exactly what I wanted. Benjy is brother that I’ve had good a relationship for almost 20 years and he’s an important musical mentor for me. I trust his input not just on the projects we work together on, but on all of my music. I also knew I wanted to have my friend Ty Covington, from the group SoulFruit, on the song because I knew that his voice would complement what I do vocally." explained the multi-talented crooner.

Cause if the words that your speaking
And the thoughts you feed your mind
Don’t bring health to your spirit
To yourself you’ll be unkind

Speaking on the inspiration of his latest offering, Olaide stated that “Wisdom Awaits” is a reset for 2021. "I write a lot of music and I try to release music that speaks to the moment we’re in and where we are headed as a community. When I wrote “House On Fire” in Spring 2020 we were in the early stages of the pandemic, we were heating up in the political process, and starting to really take stock of the systemic injustice we were facing throughout the world. I felt that people needed to hear and understand the gravity of situation we were in, and so that’s why I think House On Fire was so timely and connected with people.". "Now, almost a year into the pandemic and so many other social issues, I believe that people need to hear a song that encourages them and helps them put the work ahead of them into context. Many people are facing a lot of challenges, especially around financial, health and relationship issues. I feel like I have unique opportunity to encourage people and help them see their way out of this situation." he further added

"Wisdon Awaits" is available on all major streaming platforms and digital outlets via ONErpm

"Wisdom Awaits is an uplifting and hopeful song. I draw on my faith to speak certain truths and principals that people can access wherever they are in life, whether or not they believe exactly as I do." - Olaide Banks

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