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DESH DUBS gives an Exclusive Touch as he toasts Fluently in his New Dancehall/Afrobeat fused Single ‘Champion’

The single ‘Champion’ is from dESH’s forthcoming album ‘Above the Wicked’. It is now available on all download and streaming platforms online. The full album drops in August. ‘Champion’ is an energetic, upbeat, bouncy and infectious track with an R&B and dancehall influence to it. Sonically, it is fair to say that the song is a fusion of dancehall, hip-hop, afrobeat and with a touch of what dESH calls Zambezi music.

The new song showcases dESH’ outstanding songwriting skills, using references to Voodoo and Old Testament. Talking about the single ‘Champion’, dESH explains, “This release is just a preview of what the sound and the vibe of the new album is. ‘Champion’ is about that good relationship that motivates and makes one feel like a champion.” It is a down to earth song that offers an overall interesting perspective on relationships.

Check out Champion Lyrics video below:

‘Champion’ – credits
Music producer: Michael Polk, Kustom – Lorton, Virginia, USA
Sound engineer: Marcel Van Ling, Mo Sound Studio – Zoetermeer, the Netherlands
Mastering: Ivo Statinski, Statinsk_mastering – Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Songwriter and vocals: Desh Chisukulu, dESH.DUBS – Zoetermeer, the Netherlands


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