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Born in Glasgow, Scotland, Andrew Mansell grew up in the south side of the city. At a young age he discovered the joy of creating music and becoming lost in melody.

Singing, playing guitar and drums led to a road of different musical experiences and projects including a number of different bands performing different genres. 

Finding comfort in the words, inspiration and guidance of those who led the way such as the great Bob Marley and the new neo roots artists coming out of Jamaica and all over the world, 'Chill Key' found a guiding star in the form of Reggae Music after a long search through various styles of music creation and production including Rock, Electronic, Metal and Hip Hop.

Through different community projects and radio work, as well as much needed studio experience, he has been able to involve himself in assisting in bringing the joy of creating music to others in communities in his hometown.

He continues to focus and remain loyal to his mission of bringing reggae music with the home grown feel of his country to the world and to help bring more understanding and communication to a world that continues to divide itself.

One Love.

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