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Candid Convo with UK Based Recording Artist FOOTSTEPS

While busy at work in the studio, UK based recording artist FOOTSTEPS took some time out to answer on-the=spot candid questions on how he got his name, what's on his playlist, how he wants to be remembered and more. Check out his forthright interview below.


With roots steeped in the Caribbean via his Jamaican heritage, born and raised in UK and surrounded by the urban sounds blaring from the metropolitan melting-pot of London (Afrobeat, Hip Hop, Techno and more), Coryell known as Footsteps, a moniker he was bestowed in school by classmates, is the definition of music fusion.

With an early paternal influence of Jazz and further embracing the sounds of his diverse city, Footsteps's played clarinet and saxophone throughout his school years and later taught himself to play piano. With a personal playlist of reggae, afrobeat, soul, dancehall, funk and house, the latter reflecting his approach on his music career. "I make whatever sounds good and feels good. Anything that can bring out an emotion. I'm a pleaser, so making music people love makes me happy!"

Having forged a lane of his own with his eclectic sound on hits such as “Maxi Dress” featuring Shakka, Ycee, and Moelogo (Bruk Out/Polydor), “Take Time” featuring Doktor and “Do Me Something” featuring Moelogo, In 2020 Footsteps released the single and video for "REAL ONE". (written and produced by Footsteps himself)

"Don't try to follow in my footsteps. Make your own footsteps! No one else can tell the stories that are inside of you except for you. Real Over Fake Everytime" - Footsteps


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