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Bryan Art, past student of Nigerian in Ebola panic case, blasts ‘ignorance’

International reggae artiste Bryan Art believes that the current paranoia and mass hysteria caused by the possibility that the Ebola virus may reach Jamaican shores is a direct result of ignorance of the disease.

“About 4 weeks ago, I saw my old math teacher at Kingston Technical College (who coincidentally became my landlord while I studied at Edna Manley ), in a Kingston supermarket where I had just stopped by to pick up bottled water and a mosquito swatter to help in my fight against chick V . We exchanged pleasantries and a quick handshake,” Bryan Art said in a release.

Bryan Art

Bryan Art

“Two weeks after that, I became shockingly aware that the very same Nigerian teacher, Dr. Bob Banjo, played a central and starring role in the now infamous Ebola scare in Mandeville when he turned up sweating at the hospital. I wondered how ignorance and panic could’ve caused our people to stereotype our own African brothers. I also thought how ignorance and arrogance on the part of government and governance structures, could’ve manifested in such irrational behaviour in our caregivers. We must rid our society of this ignorance and arm our people with knowledge,” Bryan Art said.

Interestingly, the quest for knowledge is the central theme of his latest release, ‘Knowledge is Power’, which has been out for a few weeks . He also shot a video for the single which was released last week.

“The video is doing very well on local TV and the fans are responding to the positive, ‘up-full’ message. It will take a few generations, but if we start now, knowledge can transform the lives of our people,” Bryan, whose real name is Bryan Grant, said .

Earlier this year, he launched an EP dubbed ‘Fresh Start’, produced on Bryan’s own label, Junction Files. The four track compilation of singles contains Bryan’s usual witty, clever lyrics that his fans have grown accustomed to.

The artiste, who originates from St Ann, but resides in Kingston, has scored minor hits in reggae in recent years with singles such as ‘Get It’, ‘Rock And Come In’ and ‘Dem Fass’. He is now being managed by Ewan Simpson and believes that 2014 will be the year he realises his full potential with his message-oriented music.

“I am an artiste who has also travelled all over the world , though my first trip to the mother land remains yet unrealized. We cannot allow fear and ignorance to directly affect our relations with the Motherland. Thankfully, Dr Banjo was not shot and immediately cremated, or deported immediately or otherwise mistreated for his food poisoning, though whatever else transpired was enough of an embarrassment to us if not to him,” Bryan lamented.

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