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Takana Zion Finds Right ‘Energy’ With Sizzla on New Album

It’s a concept that had been “four years in the making”, says Guinean Reggae singer Takana Zion, about his recent single, Energy, which features popular entertainer, Sizzla Kalonji. 


“I started to write this song like four years before I recorded it. I was working on it and then when I went to Jamaica, I decided to make it with Sizzla,” recalls Takana. “Sizzla has such an amazing energy, ... and when he sings, you think about the past, the present and the future, so this song is a lifetime song, it concerns everything you can imagine... we have the energy to fight the fight of good over evil.” 


Energy, which also has a music video out currently, is just one of 11 tracks featured on Takana Zion’s latest album titled ‘Human Supremacy’. 


Undoubtedly, there is a strong message that Takana hopes will reach all of mankind through his latest work, as he says, “God the most high create human being to have dominion over all things, and instead of men coming together and do the great work that Jah wants us to do, we use the power that Jah give us to destroy one another. That’s why I say, ‘Human Supremacy’, without responsibility is a destruction to you and me... it mek it look like the animals are better than we are. So, it is a reminder to mankind to take their place and standing where Jah has placed us.” 


Takana, who sings in English, French, as well as in Susu, Fulani and Malinke, started to incorporate the Guinean rap and dancehall scene in 2002, and has worked with Jamaican entertainers like Guitarist Rohan ‘Kip’ Gordon aka MakaLox, Winston McAnuff, and Capleton.  


Takana’s latest album, ‘Human Supremacy’, was produced by Stephen Stewart and Samuel Clayton, and is currently available on all major digital outlets. Fans can also keep abreast of what’s happening with Takana via his socials (@Takana Zion on Facebook, Twitter, and Spotify and on Instagram @takana_zion150 and @takanazionofficial).

The album features the following tracks: 

  1. Babylon Wicked
  2. Energy feat. Sizzla
  3. Humble Lion
  4. Vie de rêve
  5. Black Mary
  6. Dans I’Atlantique
  7. Can’t Wait
  8. Dirigeants aveugles
  9. Human Supremacy
  10. Jah Rastafari
  11. Spiritual War

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