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I have found from my nineteen years of life that not all music is created equal. I really started branching out musically around the age of thirteen. I had always been a fan of artists like billy joel, queen, and other rock artists my family listened to. When other kids my age began to develop musical tastes of their own i realized that they all enjoyed the same music - whatever the radio played -  i was convinced that that music could not be the "best" music playing. I turned to the internet which at that time was beginning to gain major popularity and usage unlike it had in the past. I found many great bands mostly "angsty" rock,  punk, and heavy rock but i always felt their was some music that would contain more meaning and creativity. While yes those genres are good in their own ways i was not truly satisfied in my quest for my musical identity until i found reggae and reggae-influenced bands. 311, Sublime, Bob Marley, Pepper and more recently Rebelution and Iration to name a few. These bands have revealed to me how music should be in all its forms and genres: Creative, dance-able, and positive or at least socially aware. I am still and always will be searching to satisfy my musical hunger but for now reggae and specifically Rebelution have nourished me for now.

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