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When will I be heard, when are they going to listen...?

                                                                              -Bob Marley after a recording session

The greatest story never told, or heard, or seen...RUDE BOY!


I am an indie filmmaker with a seriously, sick project that appeals worldwide,to the many fans of reggae, ska, rock steady, dance hall, rap, hip-hop and soon. A musically driven - revolutionary drama, RUDE BOY is epic! It's acoming-of-age story of oppressed ghetto youth Winston Brown, who pioneers skainto reggae amid the violent shantytowns and vibrant musical world in povertystricken West Kingston, Jamaica in the 1960's. The Heptones and many other young Jamaicans experienced this story first hand -the Wailers and Bob Marley, Toots Hibbert and the Maytals, Prince Buster, LeePerry, Jimmy Cliff and so many more - this is their story.

RUDE BOY, Rastafarians, reggae and respect.

This is an independent feature film very much akin to the Oscar nominated CITY OF GODin its gritty reality and youth spirit but put to a mighty music, Not since THEHARDER THEY COME has the Jamaican experience been as accurately produced andheard as it will in RUDE BOY - authentic to the core.

The time has come to explore the struggle and fight for freedom and arrival for the Jamaicanpeople whilst reggae music is being delivered onto the world stage.  Just our luck that Jamaica celebrates 50 years of independence this year - that's in the movie, and His Emperorial Majesty, Haile Selassie I 1966 second-coming visit and 70 source cues and every reggae star on the planet and  the sufferah and the triumphant - reggae rock star - happy 50th - Forever Loving Jah!


The Heptones are not only creating original music but a significant portion of themusic in this movie has never been heard on US radio, or any radio for thatmatter, anywhere. The soundtrack will be sick x3!


First and foremost developing native talent to populate the available roles ispriority. The Heptones are partners and a driving force here, they're highlyinvolved and are helping with this production wholeheartedly.

Based on the powerful, original screenplay and their availability, RUDE BOY has firmcommitments from Ky-Mani Marley (SHOTTAS, ONE LOVE) Danny Glover (THE COLORPURPLE, LETHAL WEAPON) and SHERYL LEE RALPH (THE MIGHTY QUINN). Plus, ourconnections and ability to attract the most respected reggae stars with TheHeptones from the past and present to appear in the film is second to none.For more on casting and working on the film visit our website


I'm Bruce Wayne Gillies, an indie filmmaker of over 50 motion picture projectsin the last 20 years and RUDE BOY is scheduled to be my next independentfeature film. It's my dream project.

You're going to love having RUDE BOY movie and soundtrack as part of your collectionand even more proud that you played a significant part in getting the moviemade - ta raas!



The Hollywood Film Office presents a Major Motion Picture production of a Rastaman Pictures film

RUDE BOY Also visit our website for more: www.rudeboymovie.comFind us on facebook, twitter, tumblr, youtube, imdb, myspace


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