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Today is a great day reggae music fans,

Mi album, "One Foot Forward" has just been released on mi website,

I have been working HARD on this EP throughout 2016 and am happy to have this to share with the world. I really hope that this blog post reaches you and you are able to at least get on mi website and listen to mi album and leave mi feedback. And if you like it please buy it and tell your friends and family. Mi a youth from Jamaica who is working to make it in the music world as a complete independent artist and can only look to mi fans for the support I need to pass mi message along to others. Many blessings for jus tuning into I and I's music and mi can't wait to see you on the stage.

Bless up and stay strong peeps!

Mystic Warrior
“A man who says “I have learned enough and will learn no further” should be considered as knowing nothing at all.” - Haile Selassie I

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