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Hawaii's Reggae Family THE LAMBSBREAD Deliver Scorching "PASS ME THE FIRE" Video

On their eternal quest for World Peace Before 2021, Hawaii's reggae band/family The Lambsbread are setting ablaze unrighteousness through music with their recently released single "PASS ME THE FIRE" that has now delivered a scorching video!

Set to the beautiful backdrop scenery of Hawaii, California and Miami, the video was directed by Jacob Selassie and features cameos from reggae artists Perfect Giddimani, Messenjah Selah, Ark Aingelle Guyana and viral sensation, 5 years old Ikaika Lambsbread.

The track produced by Jacob Selassie features vocals by Kaya and Nadia Lambsbread, their sons 19 years old Samuel Levi on drums and 15 years old Jacob Selassie on keyboard, and veteran reggae musician Chris Meredith on bass. "PASS ME THE FIREsocial commentary tale is as old as time. "The song is about how the brainwashing system tries to keep the people in slavery with the mentality that they are promoting, but they will not last as the people evolve spiritually. Basically Good over evil everytime!" explained Kaya Lambsbread

"PASS ME THE FIREis the first single off their forthcoming sixth full-length album, set to release spring of 2020.

"Give me the fire, make it blaze
brainwash society a put dem inna haze
got to find a way out of the maze, dem haffi change dem ways
good vibrations raise, so let’s give thanks and praise
you know the fire haffi light
come make we blaze it up and hold a vibes tonight
everybody feeling alright, no negative vibes
people say rise, just look dem in the eyes and say"

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