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Gramps Morgan new album 'Reggae Music Lives'

Soul Train Award nominee Gramps Morgan has unleashed his second solo album 'Reggae Music Lives' on iTunes, independently on his Dada Son Entertainment label. 'Reggae Music Lives' is filled with angelic harmonies, authentic compositions and a unique sound Gramps calls "Rockaz". It's more than Reggae, it's world-beat, with a little bit of country, a taste of what Americans call rap (Jamaicans call toasting) mixed with a hint of R'n'B, a dash of blues, synthesized with contemporary reggae.

"I've grown so much as a producer, song writer and vocalist. Overall, my experience from touring and working with India Arie; watching John Legend perform every night; touring with different artists; working with the different producers (on this album) and getting a chance to work with my brother Peetah one-on-one writing songs; it's brought me to a whole other level. My experience really came into play in making this. I think this album is really the best of the brand called Gramps Morgan; as a product, you finally get the sound of Gramps Morgan. The first album was just discovering, getting it and learning myself. Gramps Morgan has been born on this album." - Gramps Morgan

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