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FRASSMAN BRILLIANT feat JUBBA WHITE "Concrete Jungle" Out Now!

Frassman Brilliant feat Jubba White "Concrete Jungle" new single out now! Download on iTunes, Spotify or Deezer. Distributed by Tuff Gong International. Music Video World Premier Fri, April 24th shot by Royal Rebel. Watch video:

"Concrete Jungle" is a song by Frassman Brilliant that features Jubba White and is the first single that will be released from the upcoming project by White Stone Productions, FREEDOM [the declaration of rights]. This song speaks to the fact that, where ever you are from, across the globe, there are individuals and communities that face hardship. This is as a result of growing crises that require resilience and creativity to succeed. On the other hand, there are others that only see being a menace to society their path forward. When Frassman Brilliant was asked about the inspiration behind the song, he had this to say. "Concrete jungle is one of those songs that speak about the environment that I grew up in, and the day to day struggle to survive. With the experience I got from that, and the inspiration from the riddim, it was easy to put powerful words together. Blessings to Jubba White for the great teamwork on this song. I already consider it a success. It is always something great whenever we do a project. Look out for nuff more vibes like this." Other artists that will be featured on this project are Mighty Diamonds, I-Taweh, Aaron Nigel Smith, Jahricio, Kristine Alicia, Jah Guidance, Honey B and Covi.

This project is produced by Jubba White under his label White Stone Productions, which will be distributed by Tuff Gong International. The full EP is due early June. Click the link below to add Concrete Jungle to your Spotify or Deezer playlist. You can also pre-order from Apple Music. Follow the artists: @frassmanbrilli @jubbawhite

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