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A lot of us have been enticed by the music industry right from childhood. The smoky, dim-lit ambience of a disco or a nightclub, where spinning lights touch every swaying body by turns, the music drumming into your ear, taking over, and making your hips and feet go out of control....just how awesome would it be to become a part of all that? I know that most of us have thought about being part of a band playing at a nightclub, or a disc jockey controlling the beats at a disco which has people letting their hair down with abandon.

Dreams haunt everyone, but unfortunately not everyone has the means to make their dreams come true. However, if you’re planning to become a DJ in the future and are serious and determined, then you can smile: For the studio equipment market is now offering the option of paying through DJ finance. What is it and how does it work? Let us take a look:

  • You need to go through the website of the Equipment Company, and register with their website.
  • Visit the online showrooms and choose what you deem fit for your business. The objects are displayed in their packaging condition along with the prices, brands and models. Take your pick and store them in the “shopping bag/cart”. Almost all major brands are available at most joints. American Audio, Bose, Pioneer, Roland---you name it and it’s here. (Note: In order to put things in your cart, you need to click on the “buy now” or “Add to Cart” options, whichever is available.)
  • Some sites have a calculator which allows you to total the sum of all the prices of the objects you bought and how much they would cost should you opt to purchase through DJ finance. In case it’s not present, then you have to do the calculation manually or on your calculator or mobile. You can decide to pay for over a period of 12, 18 or 24 months, depending on each site. Or, one single store could have multiple time options. You can work out which option is best for you, before commencing towards the final buy.
  • This step is important. You need to make sure that your purchase bill makes you eligible for application for the DJ Finance option. Say, the minimum amount necessary is £200. You would then need to make purchases worth or over that amount, before you can go through the finance process.
  • This is the second last step. Once you have everything ready, provide your mailing address along with the postal code, and before checking out, select the “pay through finance” (or similar) option.
  • Once you select Finance as your preferred payment method, you’ll be most likely directed to a page where you’ll be faced with a questionnaire asking questions on your work, financial position, and credit/debit card details. Answer it, and put an electronic signature. Once your application is approved, they’ll let you know and you’re good to go!

So, just brush off that frown and start rolling out plans. With DJ Finance here, you’re in good hands.

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