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Dfunart to Release New Single 'You Can Get it' on the 29th August 2014

Reggae influenced singer, songwriter, performer and producer is to release a new track on the 29th August 2014.  The Jamaican singer draws upon his reggae roots and his understanding of the pop market to bring a well polished and well laid down track to the masses. 

London -  Dfunart describes his music as fun but meaningful, and in the track 'You can Get it', that is precisely what you have.  The Jamaican reggae influenced singer, songwriter, performer, and producer has brought a track with a fresh and vibrant feel.  

The track was produced at Studio Pros and Patch Werk, two studios that he has a lot of faith in.  He cites the studios as having world class recording facilities.  Using these studios, Dfunart has had time to hone his skills and his sound.  This makes his unique, fresh, and vibrant approach stand out on the track.

What is evident is Dfunart's desire to push boundaries and take risks.  Whereas other artists would stay in the pop mainstream, Dfunart has realised that like Bob Marley musical composition is a creative process at its heart.  Subsequently he has developed a style of song writing that has certain edginess to it.

Dfunart's influences are from a broad spectrum of music.  Bob Marley has been cited as a major influence together with influential artists in pop, R&B, Rap, Jazz, and hip - hop.  What is interesting about Dfunart that though he has profound musical influences, his own creations are quite unique.  They arguably sound nothing like his musical roots and instead they have thDeir own sound.

Dfunart has spent a lot of time understanding the music business and identifying a market for his sound.  He has become not just a talented artist in his own right, but has also emerged as an entrepreneurial businessman. 

As well as an ambition to 'make it' in the music industry, Dfunart has long term plans of opening educational facilities to help artistically gifted Jamaicans make the most of their talents.

'You can get it' drops on the 29th August 2014.  You should get this record, as you will be rewarded.

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