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Reggae singer-songwriter Matzka's second new album "MATZKA STATION" was released, which made the hot May a little more lazy and comfortable. Following the hit "Morning Yoga", the third wave of "Melev…

Reggae singer-songwriter Matzka's second new album "MATZKA STATION" was released, which made the hot May a little more lazy and comfortable. Following the hit "Morning Yoga", the third wave of "Melevlev" (transliteration: Malevlev) is a poignant and moving Reggaeton love song. "Melevlev" in the song is a name only available to the Paiwan nobles. The Paiwan social class system is rigorous. In the early stage, it needs to be well-connected to combine. With his reggae-like humor, Matzka tells that a pair of lovers who love each other failed to get married as they wished. s story. The song MV was launched on all major platforms yesterday.

Matzka has always wanted to make a film full of reggae elements, so he hired Japanese director Kaz to direct the MV, and went to the South Seas style in the Philippines for shooting in Boracay. The MV heroine is the local Dancehall champion in Manila, and the actor and choreographer is from Okinawa. The dancer Ivan of, is also the first Asian to win the World Reggae Dance Competition. Matzka also performed reggae dance with sexy dancers from Japan and the Philippines in the MV! Reggae seems to be a niche in the Chinese music scene, but it is actually loved by music fans all over the world. Matzka uses his unique music and humor to convey the spirit of reggae to Chinese music fans. It is called a "reggae messenger", looking forward to reggae Being able to walk into people's lives, he said: "In fact, reggae is very everyday, not just music or dancing, it is a very relaxed attitude towards life."

In the MV, the mermaid love story runs through the unique images of reggae parties and street reggae dances. The filming team shuttles through the seaside pool mansion, the streets of Boracay, the beautiful beaches, slums and nightclubs, showing the unique style of Nanyang Island. Boracay has always been known as "the world's most beautiful beach", but in recent years, the environment has deteriorated due to overdevelopment and tourism. Therefore, the government announced that the island will be closed for half a year to save Long Beach. Matzka happened to "grab the beach" and photographed the few remaining virgin land, but in order to find In this beautiful secret place, Matzka followed the team to the small boat to Boracay, carrying luggage and machines across the narrow wooden bridge to transfer to the barge, and the boats and vehicles came to the northernmost "Ilig Iligan Beach" (Iligan Beach). The azure blue waters are heavenly on earth, so beautiful that even the second hand is slow in an instant. From ordering and serving to 3 hours, it took 15 minutes to connect to the account, which made Matzka dumbfounded, but this kind of life attitude is really thunderous. ghost!

In fact, "MATZKA STATION" is really like a video game. From the beginning of the metaphorical young and romantic "Girl" to the life portrayal "Morning Yoga" where the middle-aged uncle loves to watch the webcast, life has progressed to the embarrassing way of making a marriage proposal "Melevlev" "I'm Sorry", which has to face daily temptation after marriage, is a real man who encounters many levels of life and strives to find happiness after breaking through. The whole album is like a wonderful live show. The song incorporates the traditional song "Song of Pursuing Girlfriend" in the ancient Paiwan tune, and uses the Paiwan native language Rap: "We love you with our heart, but you laugh at us." A perfect mix of original ecology and reggae, Rendering a tragic love story-The man in the aboriginal culture who fell in love with the daughter of the nobleman, but had no money to propose, had to sing "My love why don't you marry me" to his sweetheart, Melevlev, and his bitterness index exploded maglie calcio a poco prezzo.

What’s interesting is that Melevlev is actually the Paiwan name of Matzka’s eldest daughter, and the lyrics also describe Melevlev as "a lily blooming among the green mountains and green waters", "Your tenderness is like warm spring/your love It’s Hot August/For whom is the butterfly dancing and the green grass is for", Matzka uses a reggae-like relaxed and straightforward way to convey the warm father’s love.

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